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Green Oil Company (GOCO) was founded in 1991 and has established itself as a leader in the design, research, development and production of bio-products. Beginning in 2005, GOCO redirected its efforts from a pilot operation that tested product viability, efficacy, and the markets for bio-lubricants -- Hydraulic Fluids, Bar and Chain Oil, Concrete Form Oil and others.

While we still manufacture the above, our effort now is directed toward federally funded research and development efforts aimed at two major tasks. The first one is designed to construct sufficient metrics on the sciences of Canola Oil as an automotive lubricant. The second part of the R&D effort relates to decision making and adoption, specifically directed at industries that are potential large-scale users of bio-based automotive products.

Green Oil also is actively working toward expanding its financial base by issuing privately placed stock, in accordance with established government rules and regulations.


A $1,365,000 Research and Development study is underway by the Green Oil Company under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy. It is scheduled for completion in early 2009. The study is designed to develop reliable expected metrics for canola based automotive lubricants from the standpoints of product efficacy (“uptake”) and product salability Re.: (“off-take”), as defined below.

“Uptake” we define as a measure of the ability of our industry to provide sufficient, viable lubricants and fuels to replace corresponding petroleum products. Green Oil has identified several million acres of land in the United States that we project can yield hundreds of millions of tons of Canola seeds for refining and processing of bio-products. This can begin to meet our national goal for energy self-sufficiency by competing effectively with non-renewable petroleum products – based on performance, price and availability.

“Off-take” we define as a measure of the ability of American industry to replace the petroleum products they now use with corresponding bio-based products. The off-take model will explore key decision makers’ attitudes relating to the assessment of this new technology, specifically focusing on critical aspects of product performance, and set within the context of their work place environments. In short, it is a practical testing of these new products’ ability to be adopted by American industry, replacing petroleum products.

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