GOCO Biodegradable Bicycle Oils

Users of GOCO Bike oil will be secure in the fact that their bikes will last longer and operate better than those who use petroleum bike lubricants. The reason for this is that the canola oil ingredient in GOCO Bike Oil naturally has higher lubricity and adheres better to steel than does petroleum oil. This will increase operating efficiency and the life expectancy of all bike parts that require lubrication.

Almost everyone, however should understand that our products are made from sustainable farm products, grown here, which means that GOCO customers reduce our dependence on insecure, imported petroleum products. Also, as this product is petroleum free, it is safe for the environment and all living things.

Most importantly for bicycle mechanics, they should recognize the wisdom of switching to a product that is toxicologically safe, compared to mildly refined petroleum bike oil, which by definition of OSHA is a carcinogen. Bike mechanics using petroleum lubes are at risk from cancer.

Finally, this oil should have cancer warning labels on them. They don't, because they are sold as a consumer product which is regulated by the Consumer Safety Administration and not by OSHA. Bike store owners must recognize the risks that they take by breaking the laws of OSHA when they have their workers use petroleum bike oil without advising them of its carcinogenity.